3D vs HDTV

Ike was alway a pragmatic engineer and CEO- he barely accepted the view that stereo sound added much value over monoaural, and was deeply skeptical that five channel surround sound was anything more than a marketing gimmick.

Thus, he always maintained HDTV was another "gimmick', because in the average livingroom, the human eye could not tell HDTV from standard resolution digital TV.

On the other hand, he thought 3D "stereo" images were natural and important to the future of television. In addition to his television experiments, Ike collected (and used almost daily) stereo cameras and projectors.

Ike's views on HDTV:

   The U.S. government  played an important role in the development of television-  from regulating the "fair use" of spectrum, to encouraging the existence of "free" (advertiser supported) TV, all the way to setting important technical standards such as the NTSC braodcast and UHF tuner mandates.

   Recently, in the name of domestic competitiveness, the Congress and FCC have set in motion rules which will force the most fundamental change in TV broadcast of the last 25 years- the complete conversion of terrestrial broadcasting to HDTV. Read the articles below to understand why this is a very bad idea! One that could bankrupt broadcasters and cost millions of Americans, billions of dollars

What is HDTV, and why is it of minor value to consumers?

Why this will this kill terrestrial broadcasting?

How to convert the current NTSC to HDTV with minimal impact.

Proposal to the FCC to eliminate taboos and convert to 12 MHz channels

Summary of 12 MHz proposal

Use the 12 MHz for stereo TV broadcast, one HDTV, one NTSC

The human eye and psychophysics


Ike's views on 3D:

His interest in Stereo HDTV was profiled in the Daily News in March of 1993.

He also tried to convince the Advanced Testing Institute to condsider the application of stereo TV to HDTV:

3DATI proposal

3D for military


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