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Ike's life story is too varied and deep to be captured in any single biography- - instead this entire web site is a slice through the arc of his life.

The first page of this site is a brief summary which was nicely expanded by a contemporaneous Star Ledger profile .

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For a brief overview of Ike Blonder's career, start with his Biography

The same biography, but this time featuring a  humorous recollection of the early years building Blonder Tongue and the nascent Cable Television industry- dino droppings. Then read his oral history at the cable center archives, and of course most importantly, the history of Blonder-Tongue.

During (and, as you will see from reading these two articles, even before Pearl Harbor), Ike was a member of the Army Electronics Training Group, which was "loaned" to the RAF prior to America's entry into WWII. These two essays reminisce on growing up during the Depression, joining the Army, and serving in England. Also read about job searches in the midst of the great depression. As with many men of the "greatest generation", the war shaped their permanent outlook on life.


After selling Blonder Tongue in 1989, Ike started Blonder Broadcasting to help research and commercialized 3D TV broadcasts. Much of this work was performed in conjunction with the Steven's Institute of Technology incubator center, which helped design and operate a low-power experimental 3D TV station.

He and his wife Lois traveled extensively while expanding their enormous collection of garage sale treasures. Ike was also an active member of the NJ Antique Radio Club , and contributed to many charities and universities, including sponsoring the Isaac and Lois Blonder Physics Fellowship at The University of Connecticut, and the Bradley T. Blonder Junior Science scholarship.


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