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For thirteen years, Ike participated in numerous scientific investigations at Loch Ness, Scotland, searching for the (in)famous "Nessie". He is a member of the Academy of Applied Sciences, which sponsored many of these expeditions. Although he spent  many long, cold nights drifting down the 25 mile long lake, the local hotels and townspeople couldn´t have been more hospitable, particularly the Drumnadrochit Hotel.

Utilizing sonar, underwater photography, dredging and just plain visual observation they managed to catch glimpses of some large creature in the Loch. For example, the underwater photos below recorded a huge moving object on film- it was also captured on sonar at the same time.


More details on the 1972 Academy of Applied Sciences survey can be found in this article.

Ike has written about Nessie in two articles which appeared in Communications Technology Magazine, Nessie and Other Monsters and Science at Loch Ness. A brief (slightly skeptical) history of the Loch ness story is found here.

Ike often speaks in front of schools and other audiences on the trials and tribulations of a Nessie Hunter. Read these two newspaper articles about his travels, one from the Star Ledger, and the other one from The Home News.

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